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A progressive passion for agriculture driven by integrity, profitability and collaboration.

Farm History

Double F Farms

Harvey & Joyce Ference are the founders of Double F Farms. In 1985 they had a vision of taking a wheat field and changing it into a feedlot, cow/calf operation and home to continue to raise their family.

The cow has always been the heart of the farm. Her genetics, care and nutrition continues to be the focus in our cow herd. We retain our own heifers into our breeding program and are proud of the calves that our cows produce. Partnering with excellent bull producers continues to strengthen our herd.

Double F continues to be a family owned and operated farm. Craig & Jinel Ference along with their children Maddie, Nate & Macy are actively involved in all aspects of the farm. There are four main enterprises at the farm today – Cow/Calf, Grain, Feedlot and Custom Farming.

The growth and success of the farm continues with great partnerships and our hardworking and skilled staff from around the globe make up what it is.

Our Core Values


At Double F Farms, it gives us great pride to know that we prioritize integrity in all that we do. Keeping our word, honesty and staying true to our values is a priority with our employees, customers and partners. Strong relationships have been built on the core value of integrity. We also strive to represent the integrity of the Ag Industry that we are grateful to be part of.


We are fortunate to live in a wonderful rural community with strong values. We feel this value is beyond geographic boundaries. Community is amongst the people coming together from different parts of the globe to our farm. Community is the relationships that have been made throughout Canada with a common bond of Agriculture. Community is serving others, celebrating others and collaborating for the success of something greater.


Passion is the driving force that guides a deep love of hard work and pride in what we do. We believe that our enthusiasm for Agriculture and consistent hard work have lead us to many opportunities, connections and successes. One of our greatest successes is building a well rounded, hard working team that will always get the job done and also come together to celebrate the accomplishments of everyone. Passion has brought us a “ Good Life- Living in the place you belong, with the people you love, doing the right work, on purpose.”


Double F Farms has had a vision since the beginning – the ability to think and plan with imagination and wisdom. We believe in keeping our core values near when working towards our goals/vision as this gives strength even when obstacles appear. Creating a sustainable farm for future generations and positive impact in the Ag Industry driven by integrity, passion and community continues to motivate our vision of greatness.

Meet Our Team

Craig Ference


Jinel Ference


Austin Kosolofski

Operations Manager

Gavin Paulgaard

Echo Sands Ranch Manager

Dana Kosolofski

Executive Assistant

Nantie VanStaden

Crop Manager

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